Reason why you should try douches and enema? How to use it? Safety first.

Reason why you should try douches and enema?

Reason why you should try douches and enema?

Many people like anal sex whether they are male or female. Today, as people have come to know about sex toys, the use of them is increasing, people are becoming aware about anal sex. For anal sex, you have to instill courage in yourself because it can be a bit painful. Anal sex has its fun and enjoyment, but it is not that anal sex will enjoy without preparation. Anal sex is very rough compared to Vagina sex and does not give sexual pleasure easily. But gay people have a lot of demand for anal sex and they are satisfied with anal sex, so prepare yourself for taking anal sex on your mind and body.

In order to have sex, first you have to clean the surrounding area, in the same way, for anal sex or anal masturbation, you have to clean the anal, because in anal sex, sex toy goes inside, so anal douching is very important to make space inside. is. Anal docking is essential for anal sex and anal masturbation. People often use it, but many people do not do it, and they chew on anal infection or anal. For anal cleaning we can use anal douches or enemas. We can easily do butt cleaning using them and they do not have any side effects. Many people use enemas in anal cleaning. There are some reason why we should try douches and enema before anal sexual activity -

There’s nothing wrong with being anal :

First of all, let us tell you that anal sex activity is not wrong, you can resort to anal sex or masturbation to satisfy yourself. Everyone enjoys anal meditation every now and then, right? Using enema to play anal ensures that you will not have problems and will also enjoy anal sex. Why don't you do a deep cleaning of your anal and go on anal thrills so that your sex toy will not get messy and anal will help in satisfying.

Delicious filling with a deviant difference :

The unique feeling of fullness that an enema / douche provides for anal cleansing is unlike anything else because it gives good results without any external infection or without any anal damage. The water used puts additional pressure on the G-spot / prostate gland which is enough to get you to climax. Anal is very sensitive, so any harmful things should be used to take care of it.

The bottom line is: submission is sexy :

It is clear that excessive use of anything is always fatal. Just as the use of enemas and duchess to engage in more extreme humiliating scenes is like perfecting their play for experimental beginners. To inspire all new feelings of vulnerability and anticipation and to fully satisfy you with your own hands, you have an incredible twist. Therefore it is very important to use the right amount of your enema and duchess.

A deep clean that inspires a deep connection :

Deep cleaning is a pleasant and really deep experience for you. Use of enemas and douches is a great pleasure for you. The TOP must be responsive and compliant for the highest requests. And those below should have faith. It is absolutely proven that the work done by you should not harm you in any way, even if it is deep cleaning, because deep cleaning and good pleasure.

How to use it?

How to use it?

By the way anal cleansing does not take much time, but if it takes time, it can be a bit of a hassle for you, because you are ready to take a dip in the end. You do not have to be afraid and nervous. Anal cleaning is a normal process with no harm. You must clean the equipment you use. Fill it with some warm water. Lubricate the nozzle of the enema or nozzle and add plenty of water-based lubricant so that it can easily pass into the anal. First you can insert the finger to relax the muscles and after that use the nozzle. Remove the tip slowly and gently while using it and feel the relax. Turn around and massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction - this will flow the fluid and will not cause discomfort. Hold the water in the anus until you feel the urge to expel it naturally - do this while sitting on the toilet and let the anal clean and be comfortable. Repeat this process until the water is clear.

Safety first

Safety first

For cleanliness, it is necessary to clean your anal as much as it is important to know about it in order to avoid harmful consequences. It is important that you have an enema or other douches before sending them on your way. Excessive douching liquid and enema can wash away the mucous lining of the anus, causing you to be vulnerable to infections. Enema can also be the reason for anal sex being painful in itself. If you are a little more excited and want to go straight into deep sex then calm down, there is no hurry! It is important that you always follow these DOS and take care.

Check your douche or enema before use and go to the toilet before you start so that the dirt remains the same. Thoroughly clean your douche / enema after use with an antibacterial toy cleaner to prevent infection. If you experience pain or irritation while using it, stop the process. Test the temperature of the water before filling your stool / enema, it should be almost equal to the body temperature. Do not expel or force the fluid from the rectum, it will be expelled automatically.

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