How to massage anal during anal sex, to reach orgasmic anal sex pleasure without any pain

Methods and ways of anal massage

Methods and ways of anal massage

Anal massage is a must-have massage that is absolutely necessary when doing anal sex or anal masturbation. Regardless of male and female, the way is not changed. Just in the case of men There are some differences in how to masturbate after insertion because there is prostate. There is massage that you do with yourself with fingers and Anal toys and massage that can be done with a couple. The anal extension also changes the width and pleasure that can be massaged. It is said that anal massage is very important for anal sex and anal play.

Anal Massage is a way to reach anal orgasm. Anal stimulation can possibly feel incredible for anybody with a butthole. It is extremely pleasurable for men and women. Best anal orgasm required a deep sensation in nerves. That can be gain by touching or massaging and thrusting at the right time. Erotic massage stimulates all of your body senses. Anal zones have many nerve ending that can be explored by using a better way of anal massage.

The anus needs a little more care than a vagina. Anal is not designed for the penetration. So be careful with insertion. Use a proper viscosity lubricant while fingering. Many people use saliva for lubrication. You can use it too. As we known, anal play is for both. Both partners enhance love-making together. Start with little intimacy time that gives you soft and smooth touch. Anal penetration is hard and requires anal massage always. Caressing the butt areas, caressing the back, caressing the whole body. Anal play is not only about anal, but it is about the whole body. Io required full stimulation for a better result. Remember while fingering, make sure to cut off the finger's nail. It may harm your anal tissues and causes bleeding.

Relaxation is important for anal massage.

Relaxation is important for anal massage

Erotic anal massage is a sensual massage to enhance the sexual arousal in you. We also said that anal massage is itself an anal masturbation technique. Anal Massage acts as foreplay before anal masturbation. Anal Massage help you're to feel relax and soft to proceed to insertion. Relaxation is essential for anal masturbation. Anal insertion is hard than any other insertion. Peoples required some intimacy time to prepare themselves to go for hard penetration. The perineum is a rich hot zone in both genders. It located between the anus and the genitals in both sexes. It is a most pleasurable spot that achieves by only anal penetration.

Beginners should always start with an anal massage. They are non-experience in anal play, to feel comfortable and smoothly reach to pleasure. Relax by fingering, licking, and toys. Anal play is more than just intercourse. If you want to enjoy intense penetration and P-Spot pleasure, it is essential. Caressing the buttocks to generate the nerve ends that leads to sexual sensation.

Insert finger into anal

Insert finger into anal

Anal fingering is a type of anal massage. You set up the mood by with it. Anal fingering can be a comfortable and gentle to start up or exploring anal penetration. To insert fingering often used to warm up the anal for greater things or intercourse, but it can be a pleasant point. To take better posture, is also a part of, to have a good anal penetration. Most comfortable and that allows most pleasure position is, sit like kneeling position with bent knees and slightly open the legs.

Your butt is in the air allow penetration from the back. You can also try in a bathroom. Lay in the bathtub and place both legs on the edge of the bathtub. Create a good environment around is also important. It helps you to posture yourself in the same posture for a long time. You can also use a cushion to stable yourself in the position for long. Before start up the fingering, check up all your fingers. There is no cuts and scratches. It may transfer bacteria and make allergic to you. There is no worth with an open wound.

Initially, apply a lot of lubricant on fingers and also apply on anal. Massage anal opening with fingers in circular motion. Make sure it would be as prudent and as smooth as possible to stimulate the nerves. Caressing until your anal muscles loosen enough. Put a light finger in the anal and pull out again to allow lubricants to go to deep in an anus. Beginners proceed with slow. It should go with step by step penetrate with little finger first, then index finger, the middle finger.

Expertise has to try with their comfort. You can allow middle finger at first. For more pleasure rotate the finger while in the anus. You may use lubricant again if you feel dryness or toughness. Wash off the anus after pleasure to avoid the smell.You can use multiple fingers at once if you feel comfortable.

Attention while anal fingering

Attention while anal fingering

Anal muscles are hard as compare to a vagina. To wash anal before fingering or penetration is essential. It is safer and prevents you from any bacterial infections. There are many anal enema kits are available in the market. Use them. Start enema pump slowly.

Another attention point that you need to remember, never force. As we known, anal muscles are hard and it is painful too. If you force unnecessarily in an uncomfortable situation, you feel hurt. The ideal way to play anal play is to accept want your body to accept. Never force yourself to do so. Anal masturbation is slow and, nor harsh.

While fingering or penetration, if you feel intense pain in anus muscles. Stop the process for a while. Go back to caressing and intimate time on the whole body. Caressing charge up you again. As fresh try it again with a suitable high viscosity lubricants. High viscosity lubricants especially designed for to smoothen the anal penetration.Take off the gloves, if you are wearing. Fingering with gloves up is not good. Anal penetration is not ideal for the regular sexual act. Try it occasionally. Most important relax and enjoy whilst exploring.

And if you are satisfied with your fingers satisfactorily try out the anal toy. If men use anal dildo etc. I think that there is resistance, so it is good to have an anal vibrator of the same size as a finger or a butt plug. Male anal use is designed to stimulate P-spot and has its own shape. Ordinary dildo is fine when used for women. An anal massage is mandatory even if you proceed to the next step.

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